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Your Choice Of Funeral Services

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" 


The following services are offered and can be selected in the form requesting the services.

Basic Cremation

  • Canines (Dogs) (20 Kg and Less) and Felines (Cats): Rs 2500/-

  • Canines (Dogs) Medium Category 20.5 Kg and above Rs 3500/-

  • Canines (Large & Extra Large Breeds) Price will depend on the wood used.*

  • {*Please call us to check on the price and time taken for this category.}

  • Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Turtles: Rs 1000/-

  • Birds: Rs 500/-

Ashes and Disposal

  • Disposal by Pune Pet Cremations - No Charge

  • Collection of Ashes - Basic Charges above plus Rs 500

  • **Self-Collection of Ashes within the 24-hour period - Basic charges + Rs 1000

  • No Self Collection beyond 24 hours

  • ** Please specify at the time of cremation and make the payment in advance.

Collection of Body and Delivery of Ashes

  • Body Pick up Facility - Flat charge Irrespective of Distance - Rs 2000

  • Delivery of Ashes Post Cremation Flat Charge Irrespective of Distance - Rs 1000

  • These charges include sanitisation of the vehicle after the body is dropped off for cremation.

  • Maximum distance covered is 40 kms to and from the Park.  If the distance is more additional charges may apply.

This is a private, non-profit service provided to pet/animal lovers, the amount remaining after direct expenses are being used for the animals adopted and kept at the park.


Memory Room


A dedicated memory Room is under construction and is likely to be ready by the beginning of January 2025.

Pet Owners can purchase small memory caskets for their pets and keep the remains in the urns for a period of 5 years

Honoring Life


The Love and emotions that run through at this oment of life is shocking and can be paralyzing at times.  However this is the moment where we need to honour and give the departed a dignified departure. 



A written obituary will be accepted and could be placed on our Facebook Page/WhatsApp Channel or Online Euology for those who need to write and explain their irreparable loss to friends and family and how much it means to you.

Online Memorials


An online Memory and Obituary could be placed for your pet on our website, which will give you the opportunity to refer back to the same whenever you need to connect to your pet.  Select the box in the Cremation request and submit an obituary.

Death Certificates


A Death Certificate is not issued.  If you need the same please approach your vet.

Grieving Flowers
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