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Eulogy for the dead

About Pune Pet Cremations

With the increase in Pet Lovers and the Pet Community growing rapidly.  Pune has witnessed a genuine love for pets.  However, at some point in time, we need to say goodbye to our furries and need to do it gracefully.

Pune Pet Cremations offers you this service and makes sure that dignity, love, and warmth is given to your pet even after their demise.


Our Heritage


Family values are important and a Pet is Family.​

We empathize with the grief as a pet parent you go through and we would like to participate in the final closure by giving your pet a befitting farewell. 

Our Facilities


We have three pyres sized to fit in a large canine like a St Bernard or any of the Large Mastiffs.

We have a storage facility for wood for the purpose of burning the body to ash.

A special disposable pit has been created for the disposal of the ash and the bones of the pets.

Our Staff


Dedicated staff trained to handle pet cremations with compassion from picking up the body to setting the body on a pyre, they will respect your pet and give him the departure he deserves in the most dignified manner.

Our Community


With a number of pet owners who have become members at Pune Pet Park this is an added facility for them to give their pet who has been a member of their family a most dignified departure and value the life they have spent with us.

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