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How can we help?


We can arrange to have your pet cremated.

We follow the practice of Sanatana Dharma where the body is burnt to ashes but do not recite any particular last rite phrases.

Burial is not allowed or even recommended as the body takes time to decompose and there is a possibility of other animals digging the body out, besides there is no dedicated spaces for burial of pets.  

You may however offer a plant for plantation within the premises of the park in memory of your pet.

Pre Planning a Funeral for your Pet?

We offer only cremation facilities by burning the body over a wooden pyre.  We do not have a gas chamber or an electric crematorium.  

The Body is laid down wrapped in a cloth and then a white cloth placed over it and you will be offered to light the pyre.  This is done in accordance with the  Sanatana Dharma of disposing of a body after death.


You may opt for collection of ashes or alternatively we will have it disposed off for you.

Book a Cremation

We are available by phone 24x7  all the year around. WhatsApp on the number directly to book a cremation, no voice bookings accepted.




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